Review: AmpliTube 4

By: Russ Aloha! To continue the trend of not talking about the ukulele, but still talking about awesome stuff, I wanted to talk about the other instrument I play: My computer. You thought I was going to say guitar, didn’t you? It’s true that I play guitar, but ever since I had to cram everything I owned into a tiny sedan to drive across the country when I was twenty, … [Read more...]

Summer NAMM Music Industry Day

The Summer NAMM show started today. The nice thing about the Summer NAMM show is that they have one day that is open to everyone that they call Music Industry Day. This year, that day falls on Saturday, June 25 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM: Summer NAMM Music Industry Day offers musicians, pro-audio and staging professionals, and everyone who loves to play musical instruments … [Read more...]

Heritage Guitars Sold to New Owners

Last month, Heritage Guitars announced that they had been sold to new owners: "The new ownership group is led by private local investors who have a long track record of revitalizing buildings and businesses in the Kalamazoo area," said a news release by Kyle Sobko, marketing director for Heritage Guitar Inc. The ownership group is not named in the release. I'm a fan of … [Read more...]

Review: Mesa Boogie AmpliTube Expansion

Ed. note: This article was written by Guitar Lifestyle contributor Russ. You can read more of his contributions here, and you can follow him on Twitter here. Aloha! Usually I talk about the ukulele, but today I wanted to talk about the 1990s. It was a great decade that featured a roller coaster of popular music ranging from glam rock up and down through the rise of … [Read more...]