Review: Billy Joel for Ukulele


By: Russ Aloha! One of my favorite things about the ukulele is its ability to play almost any genre of music (hard rock and metal notwithstanding - at least not to me) and turn it into something new, but still pleasurable. Take Billy Joel, for instance: the piano man has largely been behind the… well… the piano for his career, but his songs are so well-written and … [Read more...]

Should Fender Release a Squier Jim Root Stratocaster?

By: Russ Before I begin, I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Jim Root. I think his Telecaster is a blast to play (sounds great, too!), he’s an obvious fan of Orange (my favorite amp company), and he seems like a cool guy with a good head on his shoulders. When I ordered his Sound & Story DVDs, I ended up with the unexpected bonus of a signed card from him and am probably … [Read more...]

A Guitar Collecting Tip from Joe Bonamassa

Few guitarists have the knowledge and experience collecting guitars as Joe Bonamassa. Having grown up the son of a guitar dealer and now a world-class collector himself, there's little Bonamassa doesn't know about guitars. Furthermore, few of us will ever have the opportunity to play, much less own, even a small percentage of the guitars that Bonamassa regularly gigs with. … [Read more...]

Guild S-200 T-Bird


  I haven't reported much from this year's Summer NAMM show, but Guild reintroduced an interesting guitar: the S-200 T-Bird: Guild is pleased to announce the highly anticipated reintroduction of one of its most iconic, uniquely recognizable guitars: the S-200 T-Bird. This reissue is a replica of the original versions produced between 1964 and 1968, featuring an … [Read more...]

Review: AmpliTube 4

By: Russ Aloha! To continue the trend of not talking about the ukulele, but still talking about awesome stuff, I wanted to talk about the other instrument I play: My computer. You thought I was going to say guitar, didn’t you? It’s true that I play guitar, but ever since I had to cram everything I owned into a tiny sedan to drive across the country when I was twenty, … [Read more...]