AC/DC Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar recently did a Rig Rundown with AC/DC, and it's a very interesting look into the gear than Angus and his nephew Stevie are using on their current tour. Not surprisingly, there isn't much in the way of effects, but the backline is still pretty interesting. Spoiler alert - they have a tech dedicated to fixing their amps every night. Oh, and that wall of speakers … [Read more...]

The Wayfarer by Nashguitars


Bill Nash of Nashguitars has made a name for himself by creating relic'd versions of Fender's best selling models. Recently, Nashguitars introduced a new guitar called the Wayfarer: The Wayfarer is the newest addition to the Nashguitars family. It was inspired by the symmetrical lines and distinct colors of the automotive industry in the late 50's and early 60's, as well as … [Read more...]

Review: Billy Joel for Ukulele


By: Russ Aloha! One of my favorite things about the ukulele is its ability to play almost any genre of music (hard rock and metal notwithstanding - at least not to me) and turn it into something new, but still pleasurable. Take Billy Joel, for instance: the piano man has largely been behind the… well… the piano for his career, but his songs are so well-written and … [Read more...]

Should Fender Release a Squier Jim Root Stratocaster?

By: Russ Before I begin, I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Jim Root. I think his Telecaster is a blast to play (sounds great, too!), he’s an obvious fan of Orange (my favorite amp company), and he seems like a cool guy with a good head on his shoulders. When I ordered his Sound & Story DVDs, I ended up with the unexpected bonus of a signed card from him and am probably … [Read more...]

A Guitar Collecting Tip from Joe Bonamassa

Few guitarists have the knowledge and experience collecting guitars as Joe Bonamassa. Having grown up the son of a guitar dealer and now a world-class collector himself, there's little Bonamassa doesn't know about guitars. Furthermore, few of us will ever have the opportunity to play, much less own, even a small percentage of the guitars that Bonamassa regularly gigs with. … [Read more...]